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Iceland In The Community


Iceland has always been an active member of the Tri-Valley community. Since the beginning, both figure skaters and members of hockey teams have participated in parades and festivals held in the various towns and cities in the area.

One if the most anticipated events of the year is the Dublin St. Patrick’s parade. In one of the early years members of the rink staff, parents of skaters and coaches joined together to build a float containing an ice surface. Figure skaters and hockey players showcased the fun of skating while traveling down Dublin Boulevard. Members of the Synchronized Figure Skating Teams and the Tri-Valley Minor Hockey Teams have continued to represent Dublin Iceland in the annual parade and the more recent St Patrick’s Day Festival.

Over the years, Dublin Iceland has offered classes for skaters with special needs. In the late 1990’s with the help of the St Moritz Ice Skating Club, Dublin Iceland skaters were able to offer lessons to many of the special skaters from the Tri-Valley area. Many of the special skaters were able to compete in local exhibitions and competitions. More recently the California School for the Blind has brought students to the rink to learn this sport. Both of these programs have allowed these special skaters to increase mobility and build self confidence in a fun and safe setting.

For over 35 years, Dublin Iceland has promoted skating to people of all ages and abilities. Today, the rink continues to be a hub for recreational skaters as well as Olympic hopefuls.